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2012 General Practitioner (GP) Ophthalmic Education Dinner

To coincide with the RANZCO Eye Foundation julEYE public health promotion month, Epping Surgery Centre (ESC) held an extremely successful GP Ophthalmic Education Dinner on Thursday 26 July 2012 at the Basil’s Seafood Restaurant in Marsfield. The evening was a resounding success with 100% of the GP’s advising that they learnt from the ophthalmologists’ presentations enabling them to keep up to date with the latest developments in clinical ophthalmology. 13 Northern Suburb’s GP’s attended the evening and heard presentations from five ESC Visiting Medical Officer Ophthalmologists:

Dr Gagan Khannah – Recent Advances in Cataract Surgery: A GP’s Perspective

Dr Gayatri Banerjee – Age Related Macular Degeneration

Dr Raj Shah – Glaucoma: Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr Peter Kim – Advances in Corneal and Refractive Surgery, and

Dr Umesh Nanda – Diabetic Retinopathy: New Advances.

The format of the dinner was innovative and designed to maximize the free-flow of information between presenters and GP’s. The five Ophthalmologists rotated tables every 20 minutes after each course providing GP’s with an intimate, personal and relaxed learning environment. GP’s were also eligible to receive 4 RACGP points for the evening. All present felt that the evening helped build closer professional GP referrer relationships and raise the awareness of ESC as a centre of excellence in ophthalmology. ESC looks forward to providing the evening again next year during julEYE as part of our efforts to raise awareness of eye health promotion and improved ophthalmic clinical education to our referrer GP community.