Epping Surgery Centre 34 Boronia Ave, Epping NSW 2121

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New Building Construction Updates


An update in relation to our new Epping Surgery Centre (ESC) development at 34 Boronia Avenue, Epping.

Unfortunately, as you would be aware, the COVID-19 shut down of construction across hot spot LGA’s has impacted on our plans and timeframes. Construction is now back at 100% and our builder is progressing well but the resultant delays have forced us to revise our plans as follows:

  • ESC will continue to operate until Christmas with our usual 2 week shut-down. The last working day will be Thursday 23 December 2021, with re-opening on Monday 10 January 2022 in its current location.
  • The change-over to the new ESC will now occur over Easter 2022.
  • The last ESC list will now be Friday 8 April 2022 (School holidays commence that day).
  • There will be a one week disruption to operating during the change-over with ESC closing from Monday 11 April 2022 – Tuesday 19 April 2022.
  • Our two Zeiss microscopes will be installed in the new ESC from Monday 11 April 2022 – Thursday 14 April 2022 (Easter long weekend is 15 – 18 April 2022).
  • First operating list and opening of the new ESC on Tuesday 19 April 2022.

We expect the new ESC to be completed by February/March 2022 so the above plan will facilitate a staged and coordinated transition. Should you wish to discuss any of the above further, please do not hesitate to contact us on rcronin@presmed.com.au or 0437 674 689.